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Ultimate Fighting Championship® is the world's leading mixed martial arts organization. Over the past decade, with the help of state athletic commissions throughout the United States, UFC® has morphed itself from a spectacle into a highly respected sports organization. Major fights between world-renowned mixed martial arts superstars have become some of the most popular sporting events of the year, surpassing pay-per-view records previously held by boxing and professional wrestling. Sports fans have made their voices heard - they want reality when they watch sports, and UFC is clearly "AS REAL AS IT GETS!"



1:31:50UFC 259: Post-fight Press Conference
UFC 259: Post-fight Press ConferencePregleda 1,4 mil.Prije dan
8:59UFC 259: Petr Yan Post-fight Press Conference
2:04UFC 259: Islam Makhachev Post-fight Interview
12:15UFC 259 Quick Hits: Francis Ngannou Stops By
9:52UFC 259 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 6
3:03UFC 259 Cold Open
UFC 259 Cold OpenPregleda 331 tis.Prije dan
4:34Top Finishes From UFC 259 Fighters
Top Finishes From UFC 259 FightersPregleda 1,2 mil.Prije dan
1:07DC Gets Caught Cheating In "Who Said It?"
5:13UFC 259: Weigh-in Faceoffs
UFC 259: Weigh-in FaceoffsPregleda 716 tis.Prije dan
11:05UFC 259: Blachowicz vs Adesanya - Weigh-in
9:45UFC 259 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 5


  • Aljamain Bubba Wallace Smollett

  • Another will be joke fight Same like Nunes vs Megan

  • Listening to these unprofessional biased commentators ruins the fight game.

  • Laura coming back after being blacked

  • J.P. BUYS. Looks like the Douchebag from the movie "Never back down"

  • Aljamain Bubba Wallace Smollett

  • I cried like a school room Sissy when I saw that bingy got inducted, that's a guy that's a real fucking man, a guy that might not catch your take off but he would crash your landing, his strong willing heart will always be remembered amongst the fans all over the world..... And also his flying knee 🥰

  • Bias comentary

  • Best female fight of all time.

  • 11:48 start of Rd 3. JJ's head was already damaged. I think it was that headbutt after she head kicked Zhang that actually started the bubble! 🕵🏻‍♂️

  • This is the high bar for WMMA. This is the level that all future great WMMA fights will be judged against.

  • not just one of the best women fights but one of the best fights overall. period

  • You gota love izzy man.........still pllayer 1.........the rest are STILL LOADING... They should go again after jan gives a lhw a shot

  • One of my biggest flexes watching this live

  • Are we sure Zhang isn't actually a man??? Seriously look at her face....

  • That’s fuckin hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Will men that become women be able to compete against women in future dana? And will all these mma fighters admit its what it is or sit on fence ?????? Ha ha

  • Top 5 fight of all time

  • Спокойной ночи мама.

  • Clicked video and hit fast foward to when Joanna became E.T

  • nice fight. how ever . blachowicz did not bring the fight to adesonya as i thought he will bring it. if not he would have remain the champ. he was more like Romero but more defensive in this fight. but no love lost. i still comigrate the champ for retaining his belt. not bad at all.

  • Laura is wrong for bringing up the towel 😂😂😂😂😂

  • This press conference is corrupted)) So many prepaid questions! Am i the only one who sees this?

  • Finally, I have full respect for Israel.....I admired his skills and now I admire for the person he is outside of the cage...Israel is going to be a legend and we all know that.....I feel happy for Jan now though!

  • 4th time I've seen this fight since it happened. Just too good.

  • Speaking of the UFC, I have nothing against that channel of the UFC. Despite that there are some ignorant and hateful people here, I still will enjoy watching fights. I'm definitely serious, even when it comes to talking about certain fights. It's not even my fault that some people love to take what they say seriously, except for fighters in that video. I'm gladly serious, rather than see some wrong people over a common thing. I wanted to make sure I was right, rather than look wrong for no reason. I will just ignore certain people, rather than see them talk for no good reason. I'd hardly knew much about the UFC before I started watching it a lot. I don't have to keep watching UFC main events, just like I don't have to keep complaining about everything. It's definitely good to watch the video, from time to time. Quite frankly, I don't have to respect certain ignorant people, who even pretend to not be ignorant. If anything, there are reasons why fighters fight. It's one thing to forcefully pretend to be serious, but it's another to forcefully pretend to be arrogant. I'm clearly talking because I just have to say all this. Whether I get some criticism certainly doesn't concern me. I don't want to worry usual aspects of fighting, even when it comes to arguing about them. I'm just fed up of how some people take a few usual things seriously. I do take what I say seriously, even in regards to fighters. It's pathetic and annoying to see random people trying to get attention from an opinion. It's one thing to respect an idiot, but it's another to ignore that person. Anyway, I'm not trying to look very bad here. I can get distracted by an unnecessary amount of opinions, but at least I got a reason to ignore it all. Of course, it's a little pathetic that some people only want to be convincing about what they say. I'm pretty sure that most people are not perfectly clear about everything they say here. I'm pretty sure some fighters will keep fighting regardless. It's a little surprising that a long video has been gaining more and more attention. However, there should be a reason for that alone. If anything, I should get some people's attention even more. The fact that some people have limited knowledge about whatever they say is clear. I know I understand what I say, for some people's seriousness should affect them more. If I have to repeat myself, I'll gladly do it. So, I can't see certain people who are not even fighters themselves. It looks like some people are hardly ever aware of the importance of fighting. I hardly see a reason to be this serious every time. At the end of the day, there are people here who should be ashamed of themselves. If I was wrong, then I'd be wrong a little differently. If some fighters are wrong, then they'd be wrong a little different. There are such fighters who know how to talk, yet this is a good point. I can hardly ever judge some people, just like they can hardly ever judge me. I can hardly ever judge a few fights, let alone watch it all the time. The fact that I'm supposed to argue about what I say should be an example already. The fact that fighters are tough should be an example already. Whether or not fighters like to keep fighting is their own responsibilities. If some random people decided to be interested in a press conference, then I can't imagine how I should deal with that. Just because I've randomly decided to appreciate a video, doesn't mean some people know everything about fighting. There were a few reasons to distinguish irrelevant opinions from fact over here.

  • Sterling actually just milked an injury on live TV and fake cried during an interview that he explicitly asked for. People can see through the fake shit, even if he beats Yan in the rematch or he retains the title for a long time, everyone will remember this.

  • Coach Shamrock wrestlred the Rock at wrestlemania 14.

  • Ngannou will win this time 😌

  • Who is here after Yan vs Sterling?

  • Was the audio guy sick with covid? WTF.

  • Israel can say "F" that "N*g'r" (hrdown.info/block/video/pnegns-Bgqmjea8) and it is ok, but if a normal person of any color said it...well the cancel culture would be all over it. BUT how refreshing that Israel takes defeat like a real man too. He praises his opponent, talks about his skills (as well as his own...as he should) but how nice was that? So I too will point out his mistakes but I will always give him credit too, but in both cases, only when it needs to be pointed out.

  • DC uses step stool on to the cage

  • This was a fucking war!

  • Khabib..come back please...!! 😢😢

  • man poor vitor... getting starched by the same kick twice

  • He would be a great actor.

  • The thumbnail did her wrong

  • Weili fucking cold

  • All people who don’t have fight pass count this one as a blessing to your MMA life, nothing beats it live tho 🔥🔥🔥

  • Joanna at the end of the fight 👽👽👽👽👽👽

  • Hyped!!!!

  • kkkkkkk

  • jiri prochazka vs dominick reyes!!! DANA WHITA MAKE THIS FIGHT!!

  • Jones lost this fight

  • le'ts go

  • Joe Rogan and DC are BIAS as FUCK to Joanna 🤬🤦‍♂️👹

  • Allah SWT with you!!

  • jiri prochazka vs dominick reyes!!! DANA WHITA MAKE THIS FIGHT!!

  • This was such a classic MMA bout. This fight must be inducted into the MMA hall of fame. What makes it even more special, it's the last classic before the covid-19 turmoil.

  • Weili's interpreter was so excited about this fight he couldn't do his job haha

  • This is in top 5 ufc fights in the history . No doubt .

  • That's how you lose best ever...

  • ccciiiiiio

  • kkkk

  • jiri prochazka vs dominick reyes!!! DANA WHITA MAKE THIS FIGHT!!

  • on international women's day, hohohoho

  • Not just A late stoppage the Ref let him tee off on the back of Aldo's head about 20 times. Terrible Ref.

  • I don't care who you are......when you pull a Jesus Christ on your intro .....You are a FUCKING DOUCHE!

  • Well done 👍

  • Francis reworked a lot since then, pretty much cleared the division...and Stipie's chin has been cracked... I really don't know bros...

  • This was a crazy amazing fight 😱..they fought like real mma fighters.

  • 22:59 wow

  • Finally!!! This was a great fight. Finally UFC posted it.

  • No wonder Adesanya vs Romero went the way it did. How do you follow after this performance??

  • why alyways stupid bralinas scerams issssuuuuuuuuuu likw wtf is wrong with you???? lol

  • That's not a dude, that's a man.


  • <3 thx 4 hd Videos so much bro

  • I didn’t like Izzy but I respect him now taking his loss like a champ and taking risk ! Not scared to move up or draining his self to keep his perfect record

  • One of the best fights ever followed by the worst fight ever in Adesanya vs Romero.

  • One of the greatest fights in history. Still a joy to watch today. Just, WOW! 💖💖💖👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • I don't know how much Ngannou improved since last title, all his matches I've seen have either lasted very short or/and he has shown poor technique. If I imagine the Ngannou seen so far without his KO power.... he's a very poor fighter. So, unless he comes completely a different fighter or he finds a lucky shot I think Stipe will win. Overall Stipe is a better fighter and the only good HW in the division

  • apa ini

  • Damn frankie edgar fast wit dem hands

  • Overrated

  • Everyone talking about the machida choke but wat about that gus finish the fact that in their first fight they went to war but then in the second fight made it look 👀 easy to me that should be number 1

  • Who else agrees joe rogan or Dominick Cruz should be there instead of Matt serra.

  • This guy just put on a masterclass of how to take and deal with failure. The guy's a true champion in life

  • Been waiting on this