UFC 258: Kamaru Usman - "I'm A Whole 'Nother Savage"

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Vel 2021.
Welterweight champion Kamaru Usman breaks down his fight with Gilbert Burns to Joe Rogan after winning the UFC 258 main event via TKO in the third round. Usman also calls out Jorge Masvidal and the rest of the welterweight division.
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  • All these ufc guys so cocky

    • Everyone in the comments needs to bring them back to reality a bit

  • Usman: calls out Jorge Jorge: ight ima head out

  • Fought a guy who didn't beat a single top 5 on his way to a title shot... and yet he still did the chicken dance most of the first round lol "whole 'mother savage" is not exactly what I'd describe him as lool

  • Yo what is Usman’s weight training routine

  • He is the UFC's most boring, style lacking fighter.

  • My toes hurt now for some reason.

  • Thompson should be next!

  • As soon as he walked out to "No Games" by Rick Ross and Future, i knew Burns was getting knocked out.

  • Drug test him

  • Shut up EPO Marty

  • Let's be real the only fight worth running back is Colby. Then after that it's Chimaev then after that it's 185 Kamaru won't have nothing else left.

  • 3:40 this dude is asking for us to put respect on his name but backs out of the jorge fight🤣 pusman is wack. Never buying his ppv.

  • I dont like this dude, couldnt even shake hands with an old friend

  • This confirms Marty “Fakenewsman” was just fired up after his match with the callout, now realizing he doesn’t wnna risk Jorge knockin his head off 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Now little street Jesus has to be very careful in the rematch it seems this time Usman wants to crucify him.lmao

  • Savage? Then why did he fake the eye poke against Colby when he was on the back foot? Why does he want a rematch against one of the easiest fight he had and not Colby. A coward and a bitch cheater if you ask me.

  • No one else in the division can hold a candle to Usman, Jorge is a bum

  • Declaring the winner by EPO...

  • bro wtf I’m pretty sure he’s reading off a script his eyes looking down and moving left to right back to left. anyone else catch this?

  • Anyone else randomly get this recommended to them?

  • you telling me this man aint on some G E A R???

  • Can you just acknowledge his body😃

  • Nigeria all the way

  • Why does he try talk like some street thug,i mean he is an intelligent dude.Why the stupid acting.

    • I've heard Street thugs talk my guy, that ain't it.

  • Y’all Snoozeman fans😆somebody should convince ya boy to take Colby Covington’s advice n vacate n go “rejoin his little dirt tribe” 😂🤣😂 he sucks so bad n nobody is taking this bum seriously GPS said “Kamaru doesn’t excite me at all” n Khabib just laughed when ask about that bum🤣🤣🤣

  • We need more of this, Nigeria nightmare. We don't want Marty from Nebraska to like against masvidal

  • Talking like he's gonna stand n trade with masvidal like he did with Colby. Usman knows he don't want that smoke on the feet

  • I don’t care what anyone says Colby went into the final round with a broken jaw 3-1 up, it’s a JOKE the judges had him loosing 😂 He had more strikes in every way, he dominated Usman like no one ever did, the referee gave him a break when he was hurt that he should of never of had, Usman caught Covington who shouldn’t of kept his mouth open and got his jaw, every other fight would’ve quit but he stayed and won rounds with a broken jaw, referee ended it too soon it not like he was out of his zone, he had more in him but when Usman was hurt referee needs to let him take advantage, fighters like these are big animals that you need to take out when you get the chance and Colby can do it, we have seen Usman game and he can get hit and get hurt, someone like Covington who had unreal stamina and pressure with good shots and can take as well it’s a great fight.

  • Joe 'Undeniably' Rogan

  • Still unlikable, Cant watch him talking.

  • Perhaps Masvidal will beat him in a stand-up fight. But it's a no brainer that Usman won't give a stand-up fight to him and Masvidal will lose to Usman's superior grappling skills.

  • For A moment I literally thought he got a boob job

  • Street jesus want want a 2 way ticket to Wakanda, he will only need a one way ticket because he won't be coming back, just ask Colby Covington

  • Snoozeman always crying after winning

  • There are only Savages in the UFC: 1) Nunes 2) Adesanya

  • he said 72 you know

  • Masvidal vs Colby is the fight to make.. winner gets a second chance with Marty

  • usman the upcoming GOAT

  • Let's get wonderboy a title shot

  • Idk how so many ppl can hate on Usman. The guy really is a savage man

  • Where the Usman haters at 👀😂

    • @young yung He called him out tho, Jorge said yes, he backed out. I think Usman beats him every time, but why tf did he call him out? Lol.

    • Right here.

    • Usman only took the masvidal fight because jorge had a short notice. Hes scared of a masvidal with a full camp. This proves it. He called him out but ends out chicken out lol ducking him🤣

    • Right here

    • @Taylor Mason he backed out because he realized jorge not on his level he want competition😂

  • Another or AN other?

  • Knocking burns down consistently with jabs is insane

  • That's why he reminds me of Woodley. Hes scary, everyone scared and both them crying they arent getting respect. They are both very conceded

  • By the way I'm a overweight 260 lb. white boy from alaska that has never been in the gym, and the lowest ranking 125 pounder would beat the shit out of me.

  • Usman doesnt have champion flare. He reminds me of Woodley.

  • Usman is the goat

  • I'd bet as nobody here if he stood toe to toe with masvidal if masvidal had a training camp.....mas would sleep him. ALSO, Lwaler would sleep him too

  • Anyone of these tools can get it...they all copy Conor 😂😂😂

  • why does it look like a video game... wtf

  • I think Usman thought of saying he's "VARSITY" because Max Holloway said he's a Freshman who came to play. Lol. What's next, high/grade-schooler came to play?

    • BTW, no disrespect to Usman and his skills. He's legit. Well rounded. Like GSP. However, some of the words he says is.. not cool, and the problem is that he think it is cool.

  • The new camera angle or whatever is inappropriate. The background details must not be blurred.

  • 0:28 he's crying

  • RESPECT !!

  • CRAZY GUY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • An African proud of you. Greetings to you from Morocco. You are a true hero, a successful march, brother. Greetings from Morocco🔥👊👊🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦👏👏

  • Bla bla bla as soon as this guy opens his mouth i stop listening

  • Anyone can lose the fight at anytime.Its his time to fly.He is in his prime.

  • this camera is so intense i think i can hear what he's thinking

  • "I listen to my coaches". Refreshing to hear after the whole wilder/breland fiasco.

  • Usman " the Nebraskan Nightmare" Marty

  • Subscribe to my Channel for mixed martial arts video’s!!!!

  • .

  • 5:25 "Imma finish your ass" 😂

  • When your mom wont let you sleepover with your cousins After planning the whole way to ask her 0:01

  • I’m not gay but I love looking at his pecs

    • Lmaooo wtf?

  • Hell yeah Usman, beast!

  • MSS ideal look like Drew McIntyre of wwe because he is unstoppable champion.

  • Usmans fights are fun to watch when he’s not wrestling too much I hope he stays on his feet with his rematch with Jorge but most likely we’ll see history repeat itself.

  • Khabib should come back and fight this Usman. It will be epic

  • This guy wants to be gangster so bad.... just be yourself, Marty. I liked you better when you weren’t trying so hard to obtain a ghetto persona. You will never sell out PPVs.

  • The best ultimate fighter

  • He meant that shit lol...you know when someone's pissed they get too rocking side to side...masvidal pissed him of to the highest of pisstivity LOL that fight WON'T go to the score cards next time!

  • Badass dude

  • I don't know but he's ripped is that natural

  • ill tell u this right now kumaru usman is thee most dominant champion on the planet today. not a fan but EAAAAILY thee most underated his jab lethal. no soul will touch that belt as long as hes active mark it down.

  • Usman Vs Izzy

  • Bruv his body 😳 look like he been carved

  • Beautiful fight for Kamaru. Overwhelming strength and basic skills. Having said that, he needs to understand if he's getting less respect than he thinks he deserves, he won his last fight stomping repeatedly on his opponent's foot. This is sports entertainment and that was "girlyman" stuff. Yes, a rematch with Masvidal is in order. A footstomp to set up a strike or takedown is one thing, but if he wants respect he really needs to leave that home in the rematch and fight like a man (like in this excellent fight).

  • USMAN will kill MASVIDAL

  • Nobody is talking about espn’s new cameras? This shit fire

  • Usman vs Khabib

  • Marty sucks just like Tyquil everybody hates him

  • The foot stomp decision Savage

  • Nice camera.

  • Being on EPO doesnt make you a true savage, this reminds me of Dillashaw

  • They need to fix the title....he said "I'm a whole 'nother stavage" lmao

  • Lets be honest usman has been the underdawg in all his fights since woodley, everbody expected him to try to take covington to the ground and he stood up and went toe to toe and beat him, he dominated burns, usman changed his whole fighting style and became an elite striker, he is on his way to becoming one of the greatest p4p fighters ever, USMAN WILL NOT LOSE ANOTHER FIGHT, HE WILL BEAT SILVAS RECORD OF BELT HOLDER, YALL HEARD IT HEAR FIRST

  • Kamaru birdman usman

  • I’m a whole nother cornball

  • Respect to Usman to the fullest.

  • What does nother mean? A whole nother savage? Is that Nebraskagerian?

  • No one is talking about no audio. Are people just not watching this

  • Whole other stavage

  • He now has his foes believing in his nickname...He's the Nightmare....the rest of the division....Sleep Tight. ..... Jorge......where you at Jorge.

  • This dude is a fuckin herb

  • Idk what happened but this victory has unlocked something in Usman, that was easily the most impressive promo I’ve seen him cut

  • Marty Fakenewsman

  • "NO GAY STREET JESUS" - Yoel Romero

  • He's good but cmon Joe 'The greatest welterwieght of all time????'' that is GSP