UFC 258: Alexa Grasso Post-fight Press Conference

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Vel 2021.
UFC flyweight Alexa Grasso talks with the media after her win at UFC 258: Usman vs Burns on Saturday night.
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  • Beautifull smile.. Grassco..

  • She looks like Chanel Preston search it up and you WILL BELIEVE ME!

  • Alexa, I am mesmerized by your lady-like manners, confidence, and beauty as well. You are an amazing fighter. I'll be rooting for you Mija.

  • Shes CUTE!!

  • ESSOOO !!

  • She’s so pretty natural

  • What a Very pretty smile from a pretty fighter

  • My MMA crush for sure 😍😍

  • Charm level off the charts

  • Not a fan of Maycee.

  • She looks so humble, cool and beautiful!

  • Mi esposa :3

  • I was hating on her bad saying like why do they put these unexplosive fighters on the main card but she shut my azz up

  • Toxic "fans" are at it again in the comments instead of simply enjoying mma.

  • Lol, glad Barber 💈 lost!!!

  • I'm happy for her she deserved that win.She is a great fighter and has really great boxing.She will go far if she keeps it up like she has been... 👊👊👊

  • I want her

  • She’s beautiful🔥😘

  • Wife material for sure

  • Damn she she pretty ❤️🌹 she got a lot better

  • Complete fighter also a Very charming person.

  • Ronda did not have no hands

  • She got paid 33000$ lol

  • Overrated. She just beat a future barber.

  • I thought her striking looked outstanding and more important, her calmness throughout the fight was impressive as well. She may be a fighter to keep an eye on in the future.

  • She really surprised me with this performance, very impressed by how much she's improved

  • she is beautiful for MMA

  • She's a cutie. Wife material!

  • Beautiful mma female superstar

  • Love her. 😍

  • Vamos mexico 🇲🇽

  • kawaii

  • she's so beautiful

  • She is so fine, I love Hispanic women. 😍

  • She'll be deadly if she gets more power in those punches.

  • So talented and such a cutie.

  • Not at all simping but shes very very humble I must say

  • I believe Alexa and I were married in our past life

  • well maycee should just become a barber now! its the future!

  • This girl is fucking gorgeous

  • I love her voice

  • I've been a fan of her for so long, it's nice seeing her hit her stride.

  • She’s so cool and enthusiastic

  • The way Grasso and Polyana Viana comported themselves during this UFC 258 is as regal as someone can do that in the business. They came in, handled business as professionally as one can, gave gracious interviews, and are now headed home. It's something somebody can show their daughters as an exemplar of how to carry oneself as a lady in the business.

  • I would simp for Grasso.

  • Favourite female fighter with Valentina

  • ❤️💯❤️

  • 2021 could be Alexa's break out year. Her ground game has really improved and she looked strong in there, I was expecting Maycee to muscle her way in and bully Grasso, but She was not having it and stayed composed and sharp.

  • Mexicans stole the show.

  • Hernandez and Grasso stole the show. Way more interesting than the main wolf ticket event.

  • Mad respect for her

  • Props to her for speaking English so well! ESSSSOOOOOOO

  • Super girl is a good 💌💌💌🖐🖐🖐

  • I believe this girl will be champion one day

    • @Kev Madison if Valentina beats Andrade, then there's nobody to challenge her. Valentina might still be the champion in 2 years

    • @Whose House Football one day not from valentina . she will get better girls learn slower give her like 2 more years

    • She ain't getting past Valentina or Andrade.

  • kaycee must win 3 fights before January to become youngest champ

    • Lol the future barber is not being champ

  • Humble Vs hype, love it when quality wins over Dana's hype jobs

  • One of the most beautiful woman in the mma history.very underrated fighter.

    • She's the type that doesn't even need to wear make-up. That already puts her over 80% of other girls.

  • Alexa Grasso You are so beautiful To me Can't you see You're everything I hoped for You're everything I need You are so beautiful to me To me Let me be your Alfalfa please

  • Valintina vs alexa winner gets to marry me.

  • So happy she won tonight.. amazing performance

  • Finally a cute female fighter

  • Ground game was on point.

  • Grasso is a beast

  • Mmm.. how she holds the mic with her hands.... :D

  • What a beautiful woman she is

  • 2:53 She's adorable

  • Grasso is so cute. The future Barber was always overrated, the “next Ronda Rousey” sure looked like that by her weird punching technique.

    • “The Future Barber” lmao 😂

    • @Richard Bolsac I think Emma is referring to the bizarre feints Barber was throwing from about 2 metres away

    • Lol what? Barber hit Grasso with some serious punches.

  • way too good looking for a fighter, I hope that pretty face stays the same when she retires

  • She’s fine as hell

  • She beat my crush, so she's my crush now. That's how it works right ? won't complain :p

  • Congrats! Great win!!

  • I’m happy people are starting to get behind my wife. Been seeing her improve since her Herrig fight

  • Kinda simping for her ngl

  • So glad she won and ended the streak, her ground game has really improved it's been a tough few years but hopefully she can kick on

  • If your girl looks like that after a 3 round war, marry her!

  • Way to Rep Mex 🇲🇽 .

  • This woman is amazing. Thoughtful, composed and tough plus beautiful! 😍

  • She is so appealing in every way, well spoken humble, attractive, etc. I hope she can avoid too much damage to that face.

  • Can she use that ground game on me 😍

  • Alexa, linda!

  • She is pretty good lookin...that smile tho😍😍

  • What a fight🤟, I like Alexa's boxing🥊🇲🇽 she's the best.

  • She is gorgeous..

  • ME : Alexa, who won the fight? Alexa : Me

  • Legend has it Maycee is still punching the air with those incredible "feints"

  • She's ten times the woman and fighter Ronda Rousey was. Far, far more likeable and gracious.

  • shes cute

  • Great fight, very technical back and forth, and Grasso's game has evolved in all aspects over the last couple of years. I'm waiting for Barber's father to spin this as a victory for Barber though.

  • Beutiful 😍

  • So what is mayce's excuse this time?

    • @ok John 'my knee came out of the socket...'

    • My foot was a balloon

  • Alexa, beat up Macy.

  • Why does Macy barber get so much hype... nobody likes her ...

  • She got a new fan in me tonight. Looking crisp in both boxing and grappling

  • Shes such a sweeet sniper. great team of girls around her to train with.. love grasso, thoughroughly deserved this win. Maycee's coaches fucked her on this fight with the feints and shadow boxing miles away so many wasted moments from her game plan round three should of been round 1. YESSS ALEXA! ps. check out alejandra lara - killer

  • Mayce Barber undefeated 😂 she will be humble now

  • Maycee ''The Past'' Barber

  • Love this girl

  • Jesus, what a cutie. I bet she has really good head movement

  • Cutie pie..😍 In love with her. I hope he keeps on fighting.

  • what a cutie