UFC 259 Free Fight: Jan Blachowicz vs Dominick Reyes

Datum objavljivanja: 20. Vel 2021.
Light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz faces middleweight champion Israel Adesanya in the main event of UFC 259 on Saturday, March 6. Watch Blachowicz claim the light heavyweight belt at UFC 253 last year against Dominick Reyes.
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  • jans alot like stipe miocic the way he handles himself

  • Jan destroyed the guy who beat tf put of jones and then outstruck Izzy

  • Domination

  • Commentator: Blachowicz is one of those guys when he's throwing some of those techniques they don't look that hard but I feel like they are". Well....I don't know what they've been watching but to me they also look hard. Dammmmnnn. His body is super massive. Not bodybuild massive but more like compact concrete massive. Surely his kicks and punches land like meteorites. It's kind of misleading because he fights all these tough ufc guys. Reyes is super strong and can take a beating...but any normal person will go K.O from 1 kick or punch with ease. Can you imagine a normal person would get a kick on the ribs like that or Jan's quick counterpunch salvo meteorites raining down on your face...that's an immediate one way ticket to the hospital with your face and all of your ribs broken....guaranteed.

  • Jan did it, once again


  • Janek❤️

  • Dom “ 90% upper body athlete” Reyes vs the polish power

  • Would love to see a Jan Jon rematch 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • 🇵🇱❤

  • Good fight

  • Lol @ all of jan’s new “fans”

  • Reyes is all torso. At 6'4" or whatever he's got remarkably short legs. Reach counts, and those elbows when in high guard leave a lot of that body exposed.

    • Yeah. Jan's kicks are absolutely brutal too. I think a large torso is really good for wrestling but as far as striking goes, it just leaves you open for a lot more body shots.

  • Wow I didn't know Reyes could dance.

  • Good Fight, good finish by Blachowicz. A lot a defensive posturing in the first round. Overall good fight.

  • Mur berliński. Mógł go bić a Janek miał to gdzieś. 1 strzał i koniec.

  • look how Reyes did Jon Jones. And look how Blachowicz did Reyes. Bones better watch out if he moves back down to LHW Jan may be the first to end him

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  • I want Jan to go up and fight stipe. Now that is a super fight

  • who else think joe rogan comment is so bais WTF

  • When you kill another player in a video game and shoot at his dead body:”BITCH BITCH BITCH!”

  • Let’s get John Jones in there at 205 🙄😬😳

  • 10:10. Fin

  • 9:09. Flash.

  • Brawo Janek 👍👏🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱 jesteś najlepszy. Wszystkie walki na najwyższym poziomie!

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  • Who is after that smart beast beat Izzy?

  • Jan has been a massive underdog in all but one of his last five fights. The only fight he didn't absolutely dominate was against Jacare, in which he was the favorite. Jan is the undisputed underdog king, sorry Stipe

  • Yan superman

  • I love both these guys.

  • You can see dana didn't wanted that win from blachowicz

  • Jest siła ;)

  • Jan vs Rumble would be light as fuck

  • Could the ref have been any slower stopping this fight? What a moron.

  • @2:10 you can be sure that Reyes felt that kick.

  • Рейс против сантоса сделайте бой

  • 👍

  • 11:15 Dana enthusiasm

  • I always find that body shot is more unpleasant, don't get me wrong being hit in the head also feels unpleasant but to body it has worse feelings

  • ale to jest kurwa kocur , nieprawdopodobne!

  • Jan -“reyes habla español now?!” , reyes -“mama!”...... true story from a Mexican fan , I’m happy he stilll the CAMPEÓN , a great CHAMPION , don’t talk smack , very respectful.

  • I don't know how people can keep swinging after their nose gets bent at a right angle. If I pick mine a bit rough I get teary eyed and start sneezing.

  • Jeez Jan has power 💥

  • Both of these good men are of the highest character and self control. Hell bell's, I don't think they're "controlling" their character but their CHARACTER from the egg is of the utmost high of character. Not a betting man but whoever Reye's fights next I'd put it on Mr. Reye's. Mount the horse again Mr. Reye's, glory is probably on other side of the hill. Patience my dear friend I've never met. Jan is Jan and not much to say about him. Same great guy I could tell he seemingly ALWAYS has been. God bless them both to the gills. God bless YOU too to UFC and all it's great fruit it has provide for these good men and women. Some fighters are off the hook wild and I dig them as much. Takes all kinds ya know. < The arena I was born into. I DO use self control to maintain the "illusion" of high character. ahahhahaahahh After time, it DOES come automatic. We can defeat our shortcoming but the ptb bunch who's names cannot be mentioned know this and use ever evil trick day and night to get us all to collide while playing the "good guys and gals". Youngsters, just WAIT until you have the eyes to see and ears to hear. THAT's a real thing that saying and quote some guy said and harped on and taught LONG ago. Thanks to the viewers because WE all make it happen for all of them. Stand up and take a bow. RESPECT and HONOR to all. Have THAT, then love comes right behind sooner or later. NOT a minute until respectable and honorable, THEN comes the bounty of being loveable, ya? Sure it does.

    • Sir were you high when you wrote this but nice thoughts 🤠

  • Jan and Stipe must be related. Dana gives them both the dirty eye when they win against the hyped fighter.

  • After UFC259.........AND STILL

  • “Well at least I’m the people’s champ” -I beat Jon Jones

  • Reyas beats jones that's a fact he won that fight then to loses to jan lol

    • @Filipino Man don't get your knickers in a knot man it ain't no joke man lolololololololol

    • What's with the lol, jan ain't a joke man

  • Slavic power!

  • People acting like he just dominated Izzy, he barely won and probably would have lost if he didn’t smart up and take the lighter Izzy to the ground.

    • he did dominate him izzy did absolute zero dmg and got his brain scrambled by jabs and in the last with the ground and pound outstruck him in all 5 rounds also

    • I would have agreed with you to some extent, before re-watching the fight without Rogan and DC slobbering all over Adesanya - on mute. Let's put aside the fact that Blachowicz out struck Israel volume and precision-wise, and manhandled him when the time came. Blachowicz came with a great game plan, which Israel has acknowledged, and his defence was sensational, which Israel also acknowledged - Blachowicz checking Israel's strikes constantly was a rarity for Israel. Both men feinted regularly, and although Israel is nice to watch, Blachowicz took far greater advantage of his own feints. I don't agree with the 49-45 judges, but I had it 48-47 or 48-46 myself. Both men are great champs, that respected each other throughout proceedings, and both are good men. I don't see why fans can't be the same.

    • If we're talking overall damage then no. But in terms of points and strikes both on and off the ground, Jan pretty much dominated. And Izzy chose to be light, he thought his takedown defense would be enough. He had the reach, height, speed and skill advantage but was getting outstruck. Good thing he has a solid chin and good cardio, with mean leg kicks.

    • He out-boxed izzy, he even out-cardio'ed izzy. And of course he out-wrestled Izzy. He beat Izzy in every way Izzy could be beat

    • Barely won😂 bruh he outstriked him and completely dominated on the ground. But my respect to Izzy that he dared to be great and I know he will bounce back harder. Luv you Izzy

  • Indeed blanco got a chin.

  • Seeing "Al Bundy" Reyes get beaten up is always a good time

  • Agent Blazkowicz did it again greets from Wolfenstein Headquarters keep on serving the greater good mate

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  • I pretty sure reye was pissing out blood after the fight

  • Jan's reaction time is ridiculous. He slips every punch.

    • That man got some deadly hands

  • Jan Blachoviwz true world class fighter,champion and really nice person!

  • Jon Jones went to HW specifically to avoid Jan at all costs but that roidboy is upset khabib is the GOAT, just shows how awesome Jan is.

  • Too Boring...

  • Reyes is an athlete

  • He's a bad man.

  • I wanna see Jones vs Blachowiz!

  • How was the fight? Jan: It was Izzy

  • Jan is good but John bones Jones is different.

  • Gościu jest Przedzikiem!


  • If Reyes didn't have such a long torso, he would be 5'6".

  • The Dude is a F*cking Giant

  • DOBRÝ And SMOKED that loud mouth adesanahh... Polish Thunder. My man!

  • Vamos legendari polish pawer

  • That man got some deadly hands

  • Imagine having all 3 of your brothers watch you get torched from about 10 feet away.

  • Anyone here after Jan’s win against Israel? 🔥

  • Jan's power level is at least 10,000 in this fight.

  • AND STILL. Legendary Polish Power

  • Now Jan won with Adesanya Impressive.

  • Kicks kicks is the reason I can't fight a ufc person. Like do u here them shits. One body kick I'm dead

  • Reyes gathered the family to see him get his ass whupped damn 😭

  • WE all came back here for the same reason..

  • Man I don't know how he generates those power with his hands in such a short distance. Jan 🔥

  • miss jon jones he would take the both easy

    • @sizserb22 yea jones is a monster. He has that final boss vibes. It would be fun to see Jan vs jones

    • @Mariusz Borowiecki he whooped they asses bro the whole division he dominated them like they were his little bitches doesn’t even matter any more rakic is coming to whoop some asses now

    • Lol. Jones fought Reyes and didn't took anything easy :D actually it was judges that needed to help Jones becose in reality he lost most of rounds to Reyes :D

  • Who is here after he beat izzy?

  • the best part of Jan vs Izzy is that it was boring & dull which is good

  • Titanic: *sinking* Me: *simply swims to shore* Everyone else: 4:56

  • That leg kick is money.

  • Good match.

  • I don't get why Reyes stopped with the inside leg kick. He couldn't tell Jan was hurt with just two kicks. Dumbest fighter ever and coach. Didn't even notice. Use that for your advantage.

    • He gots nasty countered after one of them with right hand of Jan. I think Reyes felt the risk the he can be KO'd early if he will keep pressing with this kick

  • Who's here after seeing him beat Adesanya?


  • Polish power is no fucking joke. What a great win on adesenya

  • It’s funny thinking people actually believed Izzy would beat Jan lol 😂

  • Whos here after the title defense against Adesanya

    • @chur cuz123 wouldn't say whooping, but it was domination. And a few seconds away from getting TKO'd

    • Izzy shot up from middle weight to light heavyweight! That was his mistake. The way Jon Jones slowly made heavyweight is the right way to do it. Take ur time and get adjusted to the new weight class.

    • @Mike Vang ok

    • @chur cuz123 let me rephrase what I mean to say, he got manhandle and used by takedowns. No chance. His biggest weakness grappling.

    • @Mike Vang yes he did get taken down, but it was mainly just control, no way was that a whooping

  • Here after watching Blachowicz beat Adesayna. He's not flashy and doesn't have an oversized personality like many UFC champions, just a grinder who keeps comin'. Always the underdog, he's been proving the doubters wrong for a few years now.

    • Dadesanya is loading. I think izzy is about to have a kid soon. Power is about to be doubled

  • Jan !!!


  • Glad too see this butt whooping.

  • I love poland♡

  • Polish power ♡♡

  • I came from the future Izzy lost by decision In my opinion it was round 1,2 Izzy 3 evens 4,5 blahovitch


    • Think the majority thinks it was 1 and 3 to Izzy. 2, 4 and 5 to Jan. Damage wise too, Jan dealt the harder blows, but more importantly landed more strikes and takedowns.

  • im here after the fight and suddenly those cocky adesanya fan comments disappeared...

    • It's funny 😂