UFC Vegas 19: Fighters You Should Know

Datum objavljivanja: 18. Vel 2021.
Rafael Alves, Chris Daukaus and Charles Rosa are three fighters to keep on your radar heading into UFC Vegas 19: Blaydes vs Lewis.
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  • It's really funny,you know.

  • Daukhaus is just a fat LHW

  • I feel like the little guy was the only one that might make some noise

  • 0:37 "He is a Police Officer in The Philadelphia Département".. Seems to be there haven't enough Police Abuse, UFC put some Police Brutality in the Octagone mdrr.

    • Headline should be off duty officer beat and humilated innocent black male

  • Easy work for Aspinal

  • Rip Rafael Alves

  • Oh look, a cop beating the shit out of another black man... SJW's where you at!??

  • Cant stand Dan Hardys gay voice.

  • Imagine telling Chris Daukaus to take off his badge and fight... I think we know the conclusion there lol

  • Second dude a straight killer

    • Too bad he missed weight by a ton.

    • Yeah cant wait for that fight darnt

  • Rosa looks like Wonderboy and Charles olivera combined

  • Alves missed weight by 2 weight classes 😬

  • WTF !!! Where is TOM ASPINALL

  • 0:28 slowest fall i’ve seen 🤣

  • Thats charles

  • The Brazilian guy is dangerous.

    • too bad he missed wait by 12.5 pounds

  • Daukaus strike me as an ex fat guy. Congrats if that's the case.

  • We need fans back, this is getting old

  • That first guy has some abs on him

  • Tom aspinal should be on here. If he can get past a veteran like arlovski he's got a real chance of breaking into top 5.

  • I love that show of respect at the end

  • 420...............Yeah yous friggin did..............

  • the first clip, ive never seen someone fall that slowly

  • With tou don't know Charles Rosa, you are a casual fan of MMA

  • 3:05 that punch should have been countered it was terrible

  • 0:50 a cop beating up a black guy #racist

  • Chris Daukaus is a guy i would really like to see moving up in the rankings!

  • Looking at that Alves sent that guy to the cage with the front kick i would be sent to the moon

  • 1:37 mano............crazy

  • The turn , wow the speed with mixup . Beautiful

  • Charles Rosa has a nice armbar finish why tf did they choose this highlight

  • I’ve seen this Daukaus highlight so many times 🤣🤣

  • That DDT tho

  • The UFC are far superior to boxing with their promotional content.

    • yep, I never even see boxing on youtube. the UFC actually spends money advertising, that's why they are on a whole different level!

  • Daukaus and Aspinall are probably the best unranked Heavyweight strikers rn, also why is Aspinall not in this vid?

    • @Kenny Taco daukaus is higher on the main card than aspinal I'm pretty sure oddly enough. Probably because his opponent is ranked higher than Arlovski.

    • I was wondering the same. I think these are just prelim fighters and aspinal is now on the main card

  • Funny how the guy in the thumbnail looked the sloppiest out of the fighters who were displayed.

    • Yeah he mostly a submission fighter. His stand up isn't that good

    • Shut up dude you can’t even touch your toes.

  • Alves looks super sharp.

  • Rosa is Stephen wonderboy junior

  • Im actually excited for all these fights.

  • 4:20 haha

  • That Alvez front kick tho!! My God!😳😬

  • Nobody under 30?

  • Oh Shit Charles Rosa and I are the same alumni. JWU Miami here.

  • How do you put so much power into a backflip and still under rotate??

  • hrdown.info/block/video/z6SCrs2Ala6vh8k

  • Rosa looking like wonderboy with that stance

  • 💉Alves💉 lemme do USADAs job, no piss tests at 3am will be necessary🥱

  • tom Aspinal?? should be in here for sure, guy is 2-0 with 2 first round kos in the ufc disrespectful he aint on here

    • more people know about charles rosa than tom aspinal. Only hardcore fans know about tom, so ur wrong mark

    • The title is Fighters you should know, we already know Aspinall. The UFC is not disrespectful you are just easy with your accusations. Typical keyboard warrior statement.

  • Nate landwehr is really exciting

    • True, sucks his last fight was cancelled.

  • No Tom Aspinal???

  • Alves moves like a genetically enhanced human, he's so fast it looks fake.

  • Cm Punk is so good one loose against him equals 29 looses at the Same time so watch out khabib and gsp

  • Where is Danny Chavez?

  • I’m sorry that left hook thrown by the fight in the being was hella slow lol 😂

  • Police officer in UFC? I am assuming he would be looking to fight black fighters so he can try to impress his klan...errr...his bosses

  • The second dude seems promising.

  • Marc "GET OUT OF THERE" Goddard

  • Chris "police brutality" Daukas

  • Chris Daukaus looks like he should be fighting at middleweight, but decided to bulk up to compete at hw.

    • Funnily enough he used to be 300 lbs and lost 70 lbs

    • He probably used to be really fat. He looks hella flabby

    • Agreed, idem with Tanner Boser tho. Both are very small HW compared to others

  • Hw prospects to keep an eye on: Aspinall Daukaus Romanov Spivak Felipe Tafa Boser

    • So you gonna do my boy beneil dariush like that huh

    • @José Flores I didnt even know him and Felipe fought . Guess hes better than I thought lol

    • Don't forget Rosie O'Donnell

    • Pedro Wazair Spivak beat Felipe in his last fight. Spivak has only lost to two ranked guys Harris and Tybura but also beat a ranked guy (back then) in Tuivasa

    • Daukaus , Aspinall , and Spivak are all on this card . Didnt Spivak lose his last two ?


  • Charles Rosa has been in the UFC since 2014

  • Damn that brazilian looks really sharp, backflip was dope also

  • 🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️💪💪💪💪

  • Where is Tom?

  • I don’t think we should know any of these guys actually

  • if you don't know... f off

  • I only know Rosa because of ufc 4 I always knock him out in round 1😂

    • @Harrison Bellamy y’all are dumb as hell. A chin in a video game vs real life are two different things 😂 but y’all are casuals I’m here we really do this in real life 🥋😬

    • @ZIIGZAGG42o but he’s not lying

    • @ZIIGZAGG42o mate common he’s got no chin

    • @ZIIGZAGG42o are you joking bro😂

    • That’s my boy in real life watch your mouth

  • I always wanted to visit peabody massachussets

  • Alves looks deadly

  • 👊🏻💪🏼

  • Last one shouldn’t have been on here lmao

    • @addoun sami youcef Bryce Mitchell is 14 and 0 with 9 finishes. But since you’re such a pro why don’t you go in there and break his record

    • @DTG499 he lost 30.24 against bryce mitchel lmao

    • @James Hovey the fact you evaded my point by trying to change the topic about what I know instead of trying to prove what you know is just further verification that you are just an armchair general. Quit arguing with a guy on HRdown and go to a gym and actually learn some mma.

    • @DTG499 the fact that you think Rosa is a "fighter to watch" proves you dont know shit

    • @James Hovey the fact that your only claim to fight knowledge is that you just watch fights is proof enough that you don’t know shit

  • No, I dont think I will

  • It's a documentary🤣🤣

  • Ufc 259 gonna be epic.

  • Wow.. Amazing

  • Charles 24-30 Rosa

    • Wansnt he the guy who got brutalised by Bryce Mitchell

  • yes but what about ben askren?

    • Hes on the "fighters who retired" video

  • Yesssss, lesssss go 🔥

  • Of the three fighters showcased here, Rosa is the only fighter I am predicting to lose at this event.

    • Holy shit. How the fuck do you predict that! Good job man👏🏻

    • Don’t he’s been training with masvidal’s former sparring partner. Rosa is gonna knock that dude out.

    • Satan, it’s time to work!

    • Same, he looked really cool then i saw his highlight and it was soo slopy

  • I know almost all the fighters. I love MMA. And boxing. And kick boxing. And Thai boxing) I have to start training myself, otherwise I just look)

    • @Mary Montykova not true. Jones is the best

    • @Dominique Dyson I like Tony Ferguson. But the best fighter is Khabib Nurmagomedov

    • Mari, who is the best fighter in the UFC?

  • I always love the respect at the end of the fights!!

  • Yooooo

  • Nate Landwehr. He's a wildman and super exciting to watch fight.

    • @Shai Kim-Shapiro Yeah, I've watched his interviews and he just seems a little full of himself

    • @Steve White Jr. I think he's my least favorite fighter in the ufc. Maybe he's a nice guy, but he was so obnoxious in his last fight

    • Yeahhhh like he is so recognizable and i still remember him, he really need to have more fight if he want to climbe the ranks it would be so fun to se him at the top

    • i don’t expect that man to sound the way he does when he talks. sucks he got destroyed by herbert but his fight with elkins was awesome

    • super cringey though

  • Khabib fan like Conor McGregor fan comment

  • 1:24 He literally said to him self if I don’t land it probably I’m not winning

  • hrdown.info/block/video/lqJqhduEltlpqpY

  • STOP THE FIGHT!!!! -Dan Hardy never forget

  • 63 likes 4 views

    • @The Undertaker why the comment then? Just giving us the info on likes and views because you're a nice guy? Haha.

    • @Robert Hull yep

    • You know you can hit the like button before you start watching the video and it doesn't register as a view until you've watched a a certain amount of it, right?

  • these people with records like 10-3 but cm punk was so good he only lost twice

    • @Daniel yeah ikr

    • @William Cárdenas hes the goat. Fck khabib and jones. CM punk is the man

    • @Weedgy Apex never lost a round 😂

    • @Weedgy Apex Uncle Chael vs CM Punk for the trilogy both excellent well rounded fighters it would be a hell of a fight to see if we are blessed with it

    • And both loses against Uncle Chael

  • Belal Muhammad with big moves 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

    • @mmadigest plus he just fought recently, that's pretty impressive.

    • Respect for stepping up

  • 1:37 is so technically satisfying

    • Sucks he missed weight by so much

    • Ya fooken beauty moment

    • It's beautiful

    • The camera angle, the sound of the kick and the camera shake due to the impact on the cage, so smooth like an action movie sequence

    • Yes! I instantly reweind when i saw that 🧐💪

  • 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪

  • 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  • KXBİB cenpyen

  • Unos golpes fulminantes 💪

  • Cenpyen

  • I like paul felder dan hardy duo

  • Everytime I see "fighters you should know" and I never see CM Punk on these list. Very dissapointed

  • Let's go Ooooooooooo Blaydes.. First to view like my comment